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Posted by ezcashrich, Mon Oct-15-07 05:35 AM
First of all I use this program everyday to help small business owners and I am not a preditor trying to take advantage of people in need. I simply provide a service and alternate way of funding businesses.

How much do you think it will cost? What is big time to you?
Does the bank charge you big time? Yes, they do!! How about paying 100% of your loan amount back in interest over the years on your home. Big time right? Merchant cash advance companies only charge between 15% and 49% of the total loan amount depending on the risk to the lender. Not so big time huh? I think the bank makes out much better than we do.

Be sure to get your facts straight before you go giving bad advice.

Merchant Cash advances are also unsecured and don't effect your personal credit. There is no fixed term and there are no fixed monthly payments, it is completely automatic. Most of my customers call me back months later asking for more capital for their business. If anyone would like more info on how this program can help your business please feel free to contact me.