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Posted by lcruzfunding, Wed Sep-19-07 04:20 PM

My name is Lora and I am with a major funding company. If your business generates monthly credit card revenue we can help you. We do not use your personal or business credit score. Hopefully you haven't filed bankruptcy yet.

The dollar amount we are able and willing to fund you is based on that monthly dollar amount.

Basically giving you money against future credit card earnings of your business. We help people save, improve, and achieve there goals for a better business.

Before anyone starts posting about scams, true they are out there. We are just offering you an obtion. If your interested and need more information you can contact me. Send me your name and number and a good time to reach you.

Looking forward to serving your future financial needs.

Lora Cruz
Sales Associate
First National Acceptance

Reason I'm posting this email address is so I'm not bombarded by people who just want to contact me and vent their spleen and tell me what they think.