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Posted by Phanntom, Sat Jun-16-07 09:21 AM

You're obviously enthusiastic about your products and there's little doubt that the market is big enough to be successful in it but as an investor I want a roadmap. I want to know how you're going to market the product, how you're going to deal with competition etc.

It's a big leap to go from a hobby business to a well funded full-time operation...I said big, not impossible or improbable.

From an investors point of view, I have little interest in guitars in general, less interest or knowledge in differences in quality etc. For me, it's all about the bottom line. How much is it going to cost me, what's my return going to be, and what are the risks to my capital. For an investor to be able to answer these questions you'll need a well thought out businessplan. Your plan should be for yourself and how you'll address these things for your own success...don't research and write it based on what you think investors want to hear. It's about what you need to know and do. If it covers that...the answers the investor needs will available in it.
Good luck