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Topic subjectSerious and intelligent investor(s) sought
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307, Serious and intelligent investor(s) sought
Posted by AxCalibur, Thu Jun-14-07 06:56 PM
I am looking for serious and intelligent investor(s) for my custom guitar/amplifier/accessory business. The potential returns are not only very real, but in truth are very great. I have spent 5 years desigining new products that are in the process of being submitted to a development company as well as being patent searched. I build all customs, no off the shelf instruments that are superior in quality and playability to most every other manufacturer. It is all in the details, as well as the innovations and the passion for the instruments that sets my instruments a large cut above all others.

Here are a few facts: Guitars are the number one selling instrument in the world. Most guitars, including most so called customs, are mass produced and the quality of the instruments are quite variable. The Fender Stratocaster and it's variants are the #1 selling guitar worldwide.

I not only design and build customs, I customize my customer's instruments, customize and build custom tube type guitar amps, effects pedal boards, and have designed and am developing several innovative electric guitar parts and accessories.

I have tried to locate funding to expand this part time business into a full time one, and am looking for genuine, intelligent, forward thinking, and open minded investor(s), who are willing to not only look at this opportunity, but take action. Will gladly send e-mail photos, sound bytes, etc., of my work, predicated on the signing of the appropriate confidentiality agreements so as to protect my innovations and designs.

If you are looking to invest in something that will grow, without question, contact Tom Courser at