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289, Private Investors
Posted by tech2comm, Mon Jun-04-07 07:16 AM
I have a large oppurtunity. We have 7 partners in Tech2comm Holdings LLC. based out of Nevada. With a Tech2comm-Texas Company and a newly aquired Comapany in Mexico. We offer communication services to developers on new residental and resort communities. We provide temporary comunications setups, Microwave equipment, Voice, Video, Internet and security head end hardware. Fiber infrastructures, electrical and all low voltage wiring in the units. We just aquired a Company in Mexico who currently has four projects.
1. 6000 Home Resort Community.
2. 30,000 Hotel units and 5000 Home Resort Community.
3. 350 Condo Resort Community.
4. 250 Condo Resort Community.
We are looking for operating capital and lines of credit. I was hoping that someone might know of a person that would be interested.

Thank You
312, RE: Private Investors
Posted by Phanntom, Sat Jun-16-07 09:31 AM
This does look like a great opportunity but I suspect it's going to take a lot more than most of us here could come up with.

Develop a sound businessplan and hit the library. You can find there a directory of Venture Capitalists. This is the type of opportunity they look for. The directory tells you the types of businesses they invest in, their funding ranges etc.
Good luck
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Posted by MCFFEGROUP, Sun Jul-22-07 05:51 AM
hi, My name is mary.I start up a business here in Vegas as MCHotelSupply,LLC ( DBA:MCFF&EGROUP),which we provide comprehenvsive FF&E solution from China to serve hospitality and high-rise industry.

I like to network with you if you don't mind, because i think we are kind working in the same catagories. is my website with my products and my contact information.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

388, RE: Private Investors
Posted by csk317, Tue Sep-18-07 04:06 AM
Good Morning,
I just read your post, and I believe I am probably coming in a little late on this one. But I would suggest you call Growthink.
They seem to be exactly what you need.