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Posted by Roseb441702, Fri Aug-18-06 10:09 PM
>I am looking into opening a tanning salon and I am looking
>for capital for day to day operation for the first 6 months. I
>have enough to buy beds and basic equipment and get store set
>up, maybe. Will need some money for design and signing. ALso
>for operating cost since I would like to place this salon in a
>shopping mall. I am planning on working a deal on a escalating
>lease so it is cheaper up front until business grows. I do not
>have great credit from past medical bills and credit card
>happy in college. Any ideas?

As I have stated before there are a number of entrepreneurial grant programs out there that provide funding to help people start their business. These programs require that you submit at least a business plan, for one thing to show that you are serious and more importantly to see how well-planned you planned it. The thing that bothers me the most about your post is that you want to place your business in a mall - which is a notorious place for high rent/leases. But you also mentioned that you are working on having an esculating lease so that is good.

I don't know what your business plan includes but the more "attractive" you make it to these entities offering these grant programs the more likely you will be awarded the grant. Now by "attractive" I mean something like providing services for something medical-related - such as patients that might need this type of service. Is tanning the only service you will be providing? What about providing educational literature on the benefits of such? What about providing other related services?

There is also the option of obtaining an investor but here the most important thing will be for you to prove to the potential investor WHY they should invest with you. Also too with investors you will have to come to terms ie what will the investor want in return such as will he become part owner or will he get a percentage, etc.,