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221, Non-profit org. start up
Posted by T-Ramp, Wed Mar-21-07 07:33 AM
Here's the idea... In the north-east, during the winter, we constently see where the elderly die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning from clogged stove pipes, rusted elbows, or malfunctioning furnaces. The concept is to get carbon monoxide detectors into the homes of elderly people, and possibly volunteers who know a little about furnaces and chimnies, to take a look at their equipment. The detectors are the easy part, and getting hold of some volunteers wouldn't be that hard. But Legal coverage, ie. House burns down a week later, and the sweet senior wants to sue, scares me. I can handle the foot work, but money is hard to come by. Where do I start? Who do I talk to? How can I cover my butt?