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Posted by Roseb441702, Mon Aug-14-06 08:40 PM
>Hello All!
>I was reading various articles on and came
>across this one.
>I especially liked Myth #1. I believe it says it all
>concerning getting supposed "Free" money from the
>Anyone still not convinced, should call the state or fed's

Here is an excerpt of Myth #1

"The Real Story: Nothing could be further from the truth! The federal government does not have any programs that lend money directly to any business. According to Mark Johnson, a business development coordinator for the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, a state agency involved in job creation and business development, some states may have special grant programs in place that may be a resource for people with disabilities, veterans, or minorities. These special funding programs have very specific requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for consideration."

The first thing that gets me is "lend money directly" - All one has to do is go to the government's website that list the current grant programs in place and find the current ones that are available to "small business" and the ones that are "open to all" which means that anyone can apply as long as they are eligible.

"Some states may have special grant programs......" - doesn't that mean that the grant programs are there?

And one thing that should be known is that the government isn't the only source of grant programs. There are foundations, organizations and even big corporations that provide grant programs as well. You have to do your research.

I read the rest of the article. I especially liked the part about people believing that if they build a website "people will come". This is a very good point. You have to find your target market and them market to them. You have to get people to want to come to your website. And then with that comes the problem of ok you have vistiors coming to your site but no one is buying - then you have to work on making your site sell.