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Topic subjectCold feet!! Panic attack
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160, Cold feet!! Panic attack
Posted by allie, Thu Feb-15-07 04:45 AM
I've completed our business plan and the chartered accountant has made some recommendations;I'm panicking and thinking this is getting wayyy to complicated for me.

Here are suggetions from accountant:
-inflation in expenses
-familiarize myself with Simply Accounting (was going to use Quick Books)
- Incorporate ( I don't want to yet)
- My automobile expenses are too low.
We are a mobile service offering upholstery repairs; includes leather, vinyl, and fabric. We also do redyes'

I put in $500.00 per month for expenses.
What is realisitc? We will be in a community of 335,000 and hope to be extremely busy. I will be out in my car marketing while my husband does the labour with his vehicle.
Also, what do you allow for inflation? A percentage?
This is a 5 yr plan that I've done.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.