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154, New Business Funding
Posted by Dgbiz, Mon Feb-12-07 08:43 AM
Greetings all

Okay, here is my predicament: My father and I are trying to start something along the lines of a snack shop. My father has pretty fair credit, and my credit is pretty good. My father has experience in this field, as he opened this shop in New York in the 80's, but had to close it, due to lack of money. He was basically funding the shop with his day job, because the location of the shop was not ideal. He got great reviews from fans, and was written up in a few papers. Fast forward to now. We are looking to start over in Georgia, and are looking for financing. Neither of us own our own homes, or have retirement funds to take money out of, or against. I was looking into an SBA backed loan, but I understand that you need at least 20% of the money to bring to the table. There is absolutely no family that we can ask for the money, and we have no other options that I know of to get the money. Anyone have any suggestions, or ideas for us?