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Posted by Roseb441702, Fri Feb-23-07 04:39 PM
>Hello all! This is my first post to any kind of forum, so
>please bear with me, should I say the wrong things.
>I was born blind in one eye. The DMV in the state I live in
>considers me to be handicap, because they issued me a handicap
>placard after applying for one. I am looking for grants so
>that I can be able to purchase inventory, office supplies and
>such for my jewelry business. I cannot get conventional loans,
>and have not tried the SBA because of stories I've heard of
>people being turned down. My family and what few friends I
>have, are in no way able to help financially.
>Now here is my question:
>Would being blind in one eye since birth qualify me to get a
>grant for the handicap from the federal govt.?
>Any replies would be most helpful.
>Thank you all for your time.

The best way for you to tell if you would qualify for any of their programs is for you to go to the government's website and see what grant programs that they currently have. Some of these programs are open to the public which means that anyone or business can apply.

Number two you have to realize that it is not just the government that has grant programs. Going from your post above you should also be looking for grant programs from organizations that have to do with jewelery-making, handicapped people, women and the grants that fall under the category of entrepreneurial grant programs. Bear in mind that you don't just have to apply for just one grant program. Unless it specifically says so you can apply for as many grant programs that you qualify for.

I also have the question as to why you want to start on such a large scale as opposed to starting to sell from your home. Having a physical storefront will involve a lot of overhead.