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Topic subjectRE: Grants for Hanicap?
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151, RE: Grants for Hanicap?
Posted by lisasgourmet, Fri Feb-09-07 03:40 AM
First, it is going to depend on your state's description of a handicap. Just research for any state or federal programs. You can get to the links from the grant center on this site.

Second, don't let "horror" stories about the SBA get you down. Keep in mind that the SBA does not actually loan money, but guarantees a portion that the lender may issue you.

Third, talk to your local SBDC. They are free and can provide you with a wealth of information. You absolutely MUST have a business plan before approaching anyone for any type of money -- yes, even grant money. You have to be able to show how much, why, and what you would be using the funds for.

Fourth -- don't let your handicap prevent you from pursuing this. Make it an advantage in some way!

Have a great weekend!

Lisa ;-)