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Topic subjectGrants for Hanicap?
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150, Grants for Hanicap?
Posted by fishrang, Thu Feb-08-07 04:25 PM
Hello all! This is my first post to any kind of forum, so please bear with me, should I say the wrong things.

I was born blind in one eye. The DMV in the state I live in considers me to be handicap, because they issued me a handicap placard after applying for one. I am looking for grants so that I can be able to purchase inventory, office supplies and such for my jewelry business. I cannot get conventional loans, and have not tried the SBA because of stories I've heard of people being turned down. My family and what few friends I have, are in no way able to help financially.

Now here is my question:
Would being blind in one eye since birth qualify me to get a grant for the handicap from the federal govt.?

Any replies would be most helpful.
Thank you all for your time.