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141, Investors for MLM.....
Posted by TheDesignShop, Sat Jan-20-07 06:04 AM
I know everyone hates MLM and I don't blame you. I have been part of a couple and I can say, the cost to join in most are high, the product cost is high, the plan is complicated, etc, etc.

I have an MLM business I created (not operating yet, but looking for investors), that changes all of these things. I can't openly speak about it without a signed form, but here are some details.

Enrollment fees are $0

The product is a product that every household in America has (at least studies show this).

The cost for the product is $20 monthly, with a new product sent every month.

The payout with a completed structure is $100K annually not including the various bonuses available.

Every time you sign someone up you get a bonus paid weekly

Every time someone you signed up signs someone up, they and you get a bonus paid weekly

There is a national pool and an additional pool (specific to this industry, so I cannot disclose the name of it)

$0.50 out of every $1.00 gets paid out to distributors, every time.

10% of gross product sales go directly to charities that will be announced to distributors and investors

I don't know investors in this field and was wanting to know if anyone else could point me in the right direction as well as if anyone here invests. I'm not asking for distributors, but people who want to invest on the ground floor level of this business.

I'm not looking for partnerships, unless you have an extremely high background in creating MLM business structures, etc.

I have a business plan that is my first draft. I have to refine it, but the heart of it is within this draft.

If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me via this board.