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Topic subjectSeeking loan (or loans totaling) $19,000, will pay up tp 16% interest!
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135, Seeking loan (or loans totaling) $19,000, will pay up tp 16% interest!
Posted by Marni94, Sat Jan-13-07 11:17 AM
I need to place my inventory order for this seasons bridal gown order by next week in order to have them by Feb 15th. (start of bridal season)

I have always dealt with cash before, as I don't have very good credit. Previously, I have received "nice" Christmas and performance bonuses, which have managed to allow me not to borrow (and also prevented me from really making any money as I was always budgeting each penny).

In October, my company merged with another, and I no longer qualify for bonuses. Not performance, nor even a Christmas bonus! I didn't get a Christmas bonus! Yup, looking for another job, and seeing if this side venture can actually start to pay the bills on it's own.

So, this side business has been a labor of love for a long time, just about breaking even. Since I am now unhappy at my "real job" I want to try and step it up. There is an artist/design co-op called BeeHive just a few blocks from me, so I will be renting space there (only $280 a month!) and see if this business takes off enough for me to get a brick and mortar store of my own down the road.

But, first and formost, I need to get my inventory purchased for this season!

I am desperate! I will be happy to pay a high interest rate, and accept partial loans (such as 4 peple willing to loan $5000)

Please, if you can help, or send me in the right drection - please let me know!

My background, I earn 65K a year (and used to get bonuses, too) and am an Accounting Manager for an IT firm in Atlanta, so paying the note back will not be a problem.

Thanks for he help,


Marni Rubin, President
Marlinie Designs