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110, Idea for investor, or buyer
Posted by T-Ramp, Sat Dec-23-06 11:39 AM
I have a great idea for a truck accessory. This idea has been passed around through friends and family, and there have been many thumbs up about it. I can't afford to get it off the ground. There is a huge market for this invention, and many off shoots that can be marketed afterwords. I went to Invent-tech with the idea, and they milked $800 out of me and my partiner, and then after asked for another $8,000. That is where it stalled, I never gave them the $8,000. All the market research was done by them, and the patent search was done, and there is an all clear. The prototype has not been built. I can not afford to travel, much less pay my mortgauge, so if someone wishes to buy the idea, or make a substantial investment, we could discuss this further. I do not know if Invent-tech is the best way to go, or maybe an investor or buyer would have a better route. I would appreciate any help, and God bless you if you can assist financially. I would love to not live from paycheck to paycheck.