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Posted by Roseb441702, Mon Nov-25-13 11:03 AM
>I have a great Idea for the fashion Industry and honestly
>feel it will be a big impact. I have researched for months and
>found no comparible item. My next move is to do a patent
>search. This is where Ive learned the cost and time associated
>with this. I'm disabled and on a very limited budget, Its
>either pursue this or starve, My invention cost only pennies
>to make and really beleive could have a large scale impact on
>the fashion industry. Where do I go from here? I have spoke to
>various people and had a non disclosure statement signed by
>them. Every response was overwhelming

If your idea is viable you might want to look into getting an investor or research some venture capitalists who invest their money in your business idea.

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