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1069, Small grant for a small business
Posted by Sandygpi, Mon Dec-16-13 02:00 AM
My agency provides renter and vendor screening for leasing agents and property managers. I need help/ideas on how to get a small business grant-like $1,500.00 to pay for advertising, revamp my web site, and join professional groups to net work and market the company. Thanks :-)
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Posted by Roseb441702, Mon Nov-25-13 11:00 AM
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1084, RE: Small grant for a small business
Posted by bizdev, Sat Dec-21-13 05:59 AM
Rather than looking for free money you need to get creative with your marketing. There are tons of ways to market a business for free or very inexpensively. Use the time you are wasting looking for non existent grants to research and learn how to market.

Revamping a website can also be done very inexpensively. Again, it's a matter of learning how. Check out my site below. I did that all on my own for only the cost of the domain name ($9) and hosting ($80 per year). It's a matter of learning SEO (search engine optimization) to get your website higher in Google searches. That can be done fairly quickly and at no cost.

Learn to be resourceful if don't have money. Besides, once you spend that $1500 you're back to square one if you haven't learned how to do for yourself.
1096, RE: Small grant for a small business
Posted by Terryhopper, Thu Jul-24-14 10:37 PM
Nice and great work.
1097, RE: Small grant for a small business
Posted by AdHocGroup, Fri Jul-25-14 09:55 AM
>My agency provides renter and vendor screening for leasing
>agents and property managers. I need help/ideas on how to get
>a small business grant-like $1,500.00 to pay for advertising,
>revamp my web site, and join professional groups to net work
>and market the company. Thanks :-)

This may or may not work for you, but most of the things you listed probably can't be put on a credit card. If you need them done immediately in order to generate any revenue, try this.

Charge a month's bills, food and living expenses to a credit card and use available cash to pay for these. It's not a grant, and it's not going to work if you don't have any other income or savings, but it's one way to get a loan to pay those startup costs.

Warning: don't do this for more than one month, or if you don't expect revenues to come in right away. You'll need to pay your credit card charges off quickly, so this is only viable if you don't go into debt more than 30 days.
1201, RE: Small grant for a small business
Posted by sova203, Wed Mar-08-17 08:54 AM
$ 1,500.00 - this is a good amount, I think so!
1202, RE: Small grant for a small business
Posted by avataress, Thu Mar-09-17 07:21 PM
I got a loan from VESID which is New York State's Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities because I have a long-standing emotional disability (my IQ is in the 99th percentile of the population according to MENSA's ("The Genius Society's) practice test which I took in 2009 and the results of which I still have in writing and would be glad to fax to anyone who asks me (I'm going to scan it to my computer soon so that I can e-mail it to people who ask or who otherwise would rather not get it faxed from me. You can't score higher than the 99th percentile although you can get a higher "raw score" than I got which "raw score" I don't know the meaning of; maybe someone could tell me; I will also ask MENSA which I never felt it necessary to do before but do now. If I sound a bit defensive, I am after having to prove my sanity on several occasions recently to Adult Protective Services!)

I got $8,000 to start my own 900 number in 1995 paid advertising costs, to set up the number, etc. I made $200 from that 900 number line which I called, "The New Age Hotline" over 6 months, then I had to take it down. I felt just terrible because it wasn't my money that I used to do this and although it seemed like a good idea at the time, it was way too intellectual and people probably called once and said to themselves, "What on Earth?!?!?!" This, although I changed the messages regularly, which were about angels, psychology and other metaphysical subjects. Hear some of the recordings on my YouTube Channel here:

I paid $330 to have this YouTube Channel created and the videos uploaded to a company in New York City (Manhattan) called, The Cubed Effect (You can Google them; I would use their services again and I would recommend them; there was a little snafu but they cleared it up admirably!)

Anyway, that being said, that would be one way you could get a grant; every state has such programs.

Further, I got what's called an equipment loan from New York State also because my doctor filled out their form to get my first Pulitzer contender published in 2008 (I competed in 2009; that one is called, Nowheresville, Everywhere, Earth, which is where it seems a lot of us find ourselves and you can Google it; my second Pulitzer contender is a book of poetry called, The Universal Mother, all of which I published for free through at the beginning of January this year among about 20 other books in the past four years there, including one called, Guerrilla Financing Tipstm, that you can get for only $7 that may give you other resources for getting the financing you need and a lot more. You can see descriptions and free previews of both these books on The equipment loan that I got was about $1,000 and I got it at the end of 2007. That program is still in existence. I ended up defaulting on the loan. However, the interest on that loan is only 4% and I think you must have some type of health condition to get that one and your doctor must help you.

So, I made a lot of mistakes (failed a lot!) which I'm still doing, but I'm a lot more circumspect about it with my money, and loans and grants from others, etc. If anyone would like to know more about my present endeavors or would like to brainstorm together with me to try to help each other with our business and other needs, please call me at (718) 480-8863.

I have to warn you: I'm a very nice person, but I do have faults which most people complain about as though they don't have any faults themselves (!) one of which is that I tend to talk very loudly with a lot of energy, and I tend to interrupt to clarify conversation points, but I AM REALLY listening to you and I NEVER INTERRUPT to completely change the subject of the conversation which most people do, but still they find that I'm the problem. So, you've had fair warning! If any of the above bothers you, then maybe you should just write to me here. Other than that, I'd be glad to hear from you. Call anytime that is convenient for you 24/7 and leave me a voice mail with the best times to get back to you between 6 pm and Midnight Eastern Time. Cheers! And I wish everybody here good luck with any constructive financial endeavors they may be pursuing! Be tenacious (persistent) but be sure that you're on the right track and that you REALLY want what you're going after and DON'T BE AFRAID TO FAIL!
1282, RE: Small grant for a small business
Posted by thutrangctp, Thu Jun-15-17 01:02 AM
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