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1061, trying to fund an idea
Posted by wesleym20052, Thu Sep-19-13 07:13 AM
im my area there is no recycling centers or buy back centers. nobody around here for 50 miles buys aluminum cans or any other type of recycling. when i was younger i worked at a recycling center so i know the difference between the types of metals. i did some checking into it and in texas i have to file a dba and register with the state to buy and sell regulated materials. the cost for that is $511.00 for two years. that's the hardest part. after that i need to buy a scale for weighing materials at a cost of $325.00. i want a new scale and not a used one so i know it isn't screwing anybody. after that i just have to register my scale with texas department of aggriculture. i'm trying to find a way to come up with $900.00. i tried crowd funding and that doesn't work.

i just started using we pay and raised alittle cash but not enough to do anything. i would like to get up and running before winter because my full time job slows down during the winter and i have kids to feed.