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Topic subjectHELP!!!!! gonna have to close if i cant get an investor
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1053, HELP!!!!! gonna have to close if i cant get an investor
Posted by crazymancustoms, Thu Aug-08-13 03:16 PM
im hoping to find anyone willing to invest in my shop. i have been working on building and restoring cars trucks and motorcycles for a long time now, about 15 years. i started thinking a while back about starting my own business and leaving the company i worked for. in april i pushed forward with opening due to ownership change and management change with my now former employer. i am sinking quickly trying to get everything done to keep the doors open. i put everything i had in this and i really need funding to make it. i havent spent anything on extras or unnessasary items just equipment and shop supplies. i do everything from welding to paint. i now have all the expencive equipment and just need to get a little help with covering the small stuff. i am willing to offer a return on the investment that may not sound like much but will equate to a good amount after i make it over the hump. please let me know if anyone knows of anyone that may be interested. thank you.