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Topic subjectMusic and Music Education Duo seeking an angel donor/miracle/donor
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1039, Music and Music Education Duo seeking an angel donor/miracle/donor
Posted by MemorySplice, Sat Jun-01-13 07:29 PM
We're Memory Splice.

We've applied for the IdeaCafe grant but know our chances are slim as there are so many deserving entrepreneurs out there.

We create electronic music and want to/try to create educational conent showing the importantance of science and mathematics in electronic music production.

Our computer processor cannot keep up with the software needed in our DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Much of our purchased second-hand and at Goodwill gear needs repair and upgrades and it's nigh-impossible to do all the educational and outreach opportunities we want in the community as I have cancer and am disabled and m,y husband and musical partner is out of work so he can care for me. We are persuing our dream but after the bills are paid, we cannot fix gear or worker smarter at all. Medical expenses.

We do not have the exposure of social media networking fanbase to crowdsource yet so we're going it alone and are utterly indie. We cannot afford a website yet or a paid account on soundcloud. We cannot afford graphic designers for a logo or anything. We just make music and it's starting to get recognized but it is hard for us to struggle in our daily lives. We refuse to be unethical and pay for facebook "LIKES" and twitter followers and the like. We will earn those by being good at what we do and earning it on our own talent and merit alone. We just are too poor to have a good workflow and have bad gear that we have to force to create great music and we live on ramen.

We just got our first two singles signed to a prestigious electronic music label and the release is the first week of September but surviving as a musician is from going out and performing, doing educational tutorials and the like, we cannot afford those, nor is our work flow optimal as we have to work with a subpar (dying within next 3 months actually) processors and no solid state drive, let alone the ability to afford going into the community and that requires gas and food. We can barely eat at home, let alone go on the road and share as we want to or record with a digital video camera that needs repairs.

We need 1000 dollars ideally but 500.00 could literally open up the world to us.

Here is our music-

and promo sets/live performances-

Anyone have advice or know any angels who wish to contribute to music and the science and mathamatics in the fine arts?

Thanks so so much,
Pixie and Sonny (Memory Splice)