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Posted by consultant, Wed Jun-12-13 01:41 AM
Hello Derick,

I too am a small business and have been in business for just over 3 years.

I wanted to share with you an advertizing suggestion, which was very easy and cost very little.

My local bank offers a program to Small Businesses called a Business Spotlight. What this does is allows small businesses to set up displays in there branches (free of charge). What I have done is actually called around to all of the different branches throughout my state and have gotten myself on each branches list so I can set up my display monthly throughout my state.

The only cost out of my pocket was to purchase the card board displays, use some of my business and post cards that I normally hand out to individuals and anything that you can think of as promotional ideas which you can leave on the table for individuals to take with them.

Just a suggestion on how to advertize on a little budget.
Good luck