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Topic subjectWhat kind of fundingis right for me?
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1022, What kind of fundingis right for me?
Posted by ksmith223, Tue Mar-05-13 09:25 PM
Just looking for some advice please on what I should try for...

Just after I turned 18 years old, I started up my own business and ran it successfully for two and a half years. Right now I have decided to get back into a small business that runs in my family. Originally, I was in the direct sales business when I decided to explore options working in a local hospital. After that venture didn't work like I had planned, I decided that I wanted to get back into my small business. Unfortunately, I sold all of the equipment and products that I had and would need to start this job back up. Since I am more experienced now and know what is needed to be even more successful this time around, I just need the funds to get it all started again.

In order to successfully run my in-home, traveling, direst sales business I would need funding to get myself started off right with little struggle. First of all, the kit is the most important part. This provides the essentials for the presentation that I perform every time I have a showing. From there, buying at least one of every sellable product is very important as well, so my customers and clients can view the products first hand. The next required step is to have a reliable and safe way to store, transport, and carry the merchandise. Since my small business is run with a lot of network marketing and computer-based communication, the money to get a basic laptop or desktop computer that can perform the essentials is needed.

Currently, since I have been out of the business for a year, there is new and required training that I should attend to ensure the best possible endeavors. Last but not least, since my business requires frequent traveling and driving, fixing my vehicle to at least a reliable and safe standard is a must. The vehicle is in very good shape, just needs some routine maintenance that has not been performed in some time now. Overall, I am estimating I would need around $7,000 for startup costs, merchandise, storage, transportation, marketing and advertising, and further training.
1031, RE: What kind of fundingis right for me?
Posted by hostingdiva, Mon Apr-22-13 02:45 AM
Given your past experience, you may want to consider looking into one of the crowdfunding websites to see if their terms would permit you to post your request. You could then use your post to contact your friends and family and ask them to help you spread the word about your need.

Some sites:

Good luck!