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Topic subjectlove to cook/angel investor needed.
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1014, love to cook/angel investor needed.
Posted by kitchenskordell, Mon Jan-14-13 04:34 AM
i have some proven recipes that i turned into formulas. i would like to produce these products and put them in restaurants and stores. I've been to Butterball Farms and was told they'd make and package my product. first is a spicy butter that's great on almost any food.....minus desserts of course. Butterball Farms was very impressed with the product and the stage i'm at with it. i would rather start making it on my own and delivering it myself. I have the nutrition break down and all that. just need to have my labels approved and take my safe-serve certification. what I need is the mixer, box truck with reefer unit, and packaging materials.I live close to chicago and will get in thier market first. I hope to eventually have a license agreement with a large manufacturer. this butter is truly great..the flavor would get any celebrity cook......just need the connections. thinking of targeting Fronter Foods and Rick Bayless....really great with his line of foods