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1009, seeking funding and partners
Posted by guylaen, Wed Dec-05-12 11:33 PM
I am looking to start up a primarily non-alcoholic nightclub in the Pacific Northwest that caters to people 18 and over. There is a large niche market that we are catering to. I am looking for investors in this idea... but I have no collateral or current assets to back it up. I want your money, one million dollars of it, and I will repay you later.

I have been working with the SBA and SCORE and SBDC and NWIRC and CBE and WWU and every other three and four letter acronym organization that I have found. I went to the banks to see how much I could receive on a loan. The same damned story from each, except for the NWIRC, they are some nice people. I usually know how to squeeze my lemons but this is proving extremely bitter and sour.

I am also looking for someone who can act as a silent partner in this enterprise. Of course, I would have to like them as a person first.