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1007, startup money for new business based on new invention
Posted by itsgotime, Mon Dec-16-13 01:55 AM
I have built a prototype product. I have done a thorough search on the U.S Patent Office website and their was no similar product. It is a product that will sell in the U.S. and abroad. Next step is patent application and then go to market.I don't think it would take more than $ 5000 to $ 10,000 to get it going. The product should be able to sell for 3 times what it will cost to make.

I am concerned about some larger company swooping in and beginning to produce their own version even if I do get a patent. I am sure they have ways of finding out that the idea belongs to someone that does not have the financial ability to take them to court anyway.

Buyers would include high schools, colleges, possibly professional sports teams, and individual consumers. I believe that the majority of sales could come directly from website. I have been getting non-disclosures signed by anyone I have used to make component parts.

Not interested in " angel investors " I would rather try this on my own. Problem is . . . no money ! Any ideas ?