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Posted by mahogany, Mon Jan-29-07 08:31 AM
Hello all,

My store Mahogany is a new startup online boutique. I have a couple questions hopefully someone can help me. Like I said the store is online so I won't have the burden right now to maintain stock, just monitoring it. My question to that is, how do I go about finding the designer labels that I want? To name a few I'm looking for AUTHENTIC Derek Lam, True Religion jeans, Fendi, Marc by Marc Jacob, Marc Jacob, Da-Nang, D&G. I design myself and I plan to have an exclusive line of clothing. I know I need manufacturers/distributors how can i go about finding reputable vendors? I've come across Style Source, they seem to be really reputable but I would like to find at least two more before I make a final decision. My last question is, can drop shipping be done with any designer or just whatever designer the distributor carries?

Whoever responds, I want to thank you in advance for providing me with any information. Any information right now is very valuable to me.

Thank you,