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Posted by itaxback, Thu Mar-15-07 05:11 AM
Hi There,

I might have an opportunity that you would be interested in. I'm a senior account executive for a franchise called Taxback, LLC. Business has been booming and I'm looking to add a few people to my team (commission based, not salary). We are already up and running, so no start-up issues/delays to deal with. I offer a much higher commission than the other franchise owners. This is a real opportunity, not a scam, and I would be very interested in talking to you. Please let me know your thoughts.

KC Pake
Taxback, LLC
Sr. Account Executive

>Hey folks,
>I am currently a stay at home mother of 4. One of our children
>needs some physical therapy, not covered by our insurance.
>It's about $4000. My husband already works all the overtime he
>can, and there is some in savings, this is really burdening my
>hubby and I would like to take this burden from him.
>I have worked in the tax preperation biz for several years,
>but not in the last 2 years. I want to get some tax business
>on the side, and prepare them from my home. I have a computer,
>printer, the internet, and the tax knowledge. What else would
>I need? (aside from advertizing?)
>A few of my concerns...
>Do I get 2nd phone line or get a track phone?
> So I don't miss any potential customers while on line.
>Should I invest in a tax program or just use the free sites
>How do I protect myself, it seems everyone is quick to sue
>anyone for anything. Corps call it "due diligence"
>Anything else I should consider.....
>Thanks in advance