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5, need a consignment form
Posted by arseniclisa, Fri Aug-11-06 05:48 AM
Hi All, I've got a retail shop here with local and global art, and I'm about to expand into a bigger, better space with tons more foot-traffic. I'll be able to increase the number of consigned artists I carry, and I think it's time to get a better system for recording sales and payments to the consignees. I've got a perfectly workable system now, but it's all hand-recorded, and I'm looking for something more like an Excel-type system combined with QuickBooks...I know there's programs that track pieces when sold and print out records of remaining inventory...anyone have anything that's not $500? Or ideas on how to construct my own, say, in Office Pro (Excel etc.)? Any hints or guidance would be most appreciated.
7, RE: need a consignment form
Posted by MarlinCreek, Fri Aug-11-06 07:16 PM
Without direct experience, the best I can suggest is doing some online searches for "consignment store software"

The google search (link below) gave some interesting prospects...,GGGL:2006-17,GGGL:en&q=consignment+store+software

Marlin Creek - Idea Seeds
8, RE: need a consignment form
Posted by bizdev, Sat Aug-19-06 05:18 PM
Here is a discussion forum that might be able to help you. It's primarily for resale consignment shops but you might find some helpful info for tracking inventory here: