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Topic subjectWant to launch a liquid product...need help!
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48, Want to launch a liquid product...need help!
Posted by lauren2566, Fri Nov-10-06 02:07 AM
I am in the interiorscape business (indoor plant care for high-end residential and corporate clients) and I routinely use a product that can be purchased at natural food stores to treat pests. It is an organic way to treat scale, mealybug etc.
However this product comes in a concentrate, and is NOT marketed towards horticultural use. My idea is to recreate the product and market it to my industry. to recreate the formula closely...who to contact about manufacture of a prototype formula?
and...packaging details...where to find plastic bottles to sell my product in...
and lastly, registering the product with the I have to if it is just a soap?
Thanks for ANY info you can provide. Really enjoy the website.