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Topic subjectit's September! Are you running a back-to-school sale??
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367, it's September! Are you running a back-to-school sale??
Posted by Tom_Rasi, Mon Sep-05-11 11:39 PM
Time for me to wrap up my euro-tripping...

3 months in the mediterranean.

3 months already in Hungary (back for more in mid September)...

But it's time to wrap this up and head back to Vancouver.

One of the best indicators that it's time to head home is that my luggage died. It's breaking
apart. It doesn't want to continue anymore.

I'll have to buy new luggage before my "work" trip to Barcelona next week...

But right now, I'm sitting in Slovakia (Bratislava) thinking up a couple of different summer-end and back-to-school promotions for clients.

Figured I'd email you to remind you to do the same.

Legitimate and believable (and sometimes expected) sales are a great quick-cashflow tactic that's as old as retail.

Whether you host a Summer-End sale or Labour Day sale or the logical, Back to School sale... you should be dreaming up a promotion.

* Here are effective ways to do this and see quality conversions...

First, you'll need a story. WHY are you holding the sale.

Second, you need the "specials".

You can discount certain products or services... but then I'd limit it to the first X customers (limited inventory) or only for 48 hours (limited time). And stick to it! The natural fear of loss will drive up conversions, but at the same time, you want to be honest and stick to the limited promise.

You could also bundle+discount products and services. Find several products, create a summer end package and put a discount on it. Maybe even have a graphic artist create a new banner or image to represent the various products you're putting in the bundle. OR... get creative and bundle your product/service
with a complimentary business owner's product/service. Such as a tanning salon could joint venture and co-host a promotion with beauty salon and call it the
"Bringing Sexy Back to School Sale" . In the offline world, it's a bit trickier (who gets the sale, how are revenues shared) but online it's very simple.

Get creative...

But this is one of the few peak-consumer times of the year (left over vacation money, or an unsatisfying summer leads consumers to splurge on themselves
since the Carribean Cruise and other ideas didn't come together, plus back to school always comes with expenses and sales).

Think up a promotion and run a quick sale.

And then... really push some healthy traffic and leads to your offer for fr*ee by letting your peers/competitors in your industry know of your sale and recruiting
them as an affiliate.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I built/own the full Clickbank merchants database. I'm not releasing the full database but I am making available
several industries and niches:

One buyer who grabbed just 2 of the niche lists wrote to me a few days ago and said:

"Hey Rob, These look great. I can definitely see us buying more of these. " - W.O.

If you don't have a product/offer... this isn't for you.

If you DO have an offer and especially if you're running a sale, read through that page... especially the 4 case studies I posted on the page.

If you grab the databases, send over any critique or help questions...

I can definitely help you with how to properly recruit affiliates and get them selling for you.

- Rob
368, RE: it's September! Are you running a back-to-school sale??
Posted by Tom_Rasi05, Thu Sep-22-11 05:36 AM
Emailed in from 1 of the buyers...

?I just have to write one more time to say thanks. The advice you gave me and list itself were golden. I'm floored at the response I'm getting :) ? C. H. ?