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Topic subjectTrying to step up online selling but need suppliers!
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346, Trying to step up online selling but need suppliers!
Posted by tvaddicts, Sun May-12-13 11:30 PM
HELP! I'm in search overload! I've been doing some online selling on ebay, Amazon and a small website of my own selling DVD's, TV series on DVD, video games, etc. but I'd really like to step my business up to the next level and really get into the new release movies and stuff but I'm going loopy trying to find wholesalers and suppliers that sell the items I'm looking for at wholesale prices! When I do find sites such as, I read all sorts of warnings about not trusting anyone on there because they'll take your money and not send the products. I have been putting away money to be able to start purchasing the inventory I want I just need some ideas on where to buy it...any suggestions??
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Posted by farmilo, Thu May-09-13 06:23 PM
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