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Topic subjectRE: Looking for Distributors of High Quality Plush, Jewelry, and gifts
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321, RE: Looking for Distributors of High Quality Plush, Jewelry, and gifts
Posted by norug, Sat Apr-11-09 02:23 AM
>I run a profitable home based business I started myself. I
>currently have one distributor in the US for my needs, but I
>want more diverse products in this field. The following is
>what I will consider
>1. Distributor must be US based
>2. Distributor must meet Federal Guidelines on Lead levels for
>Children's product.
>3. Items must be of good quality and not cheaply made.
>4. Prefer Brand Name items.
>5. Sorry I will not entertain Foreign independent offers, due
>to strict enforcement of Federal Lead Level requirements.
>Please leave a post here or send me an email at

Let us introduce ourselves. We are an independent bath products and soap maker in Lockport, New York, USA.
We hand make all our own products to order and have over 200 products available. Our soaps are all vegetable based and most of our bath products are made from items you will find at your local grocer as opposed to most of the soaps and bath products that you can buy. We use a minimum of adulterants in our products only using what is actually necessary as preservatives and stabilizers to make them usable.
Our products can be scented to your specification from our supply of over 100 scents or they can be made unscented and without dye for those that require or want their products more natural.
All of our products are custom made as we do not stock shelves and shelves of product. We supply shops as far away as Texas, Alberta Canada, and California and supply Soaps and Bath Products to a resort in The British West Indies. We would like to have you carry our line and we are willing to give you a discount off our retail prices. Our products and retail prices can be seen at our website If you have any questions feel free to E-Mail us at We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You for your time, Norbert Rug Akron Grove Bath Products
P.S. We can also do private label (using our label format) at no charge.