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Posted by OfficeHelper, Sun Apr-13-08 03:23 AM
Hi Keli,

I have a brainstorm! Could you imagine if you offered this service as an "in home service". That would be so fun!! The bride could have all of her girls over to her home (where she is most comfortable) and they could pour over catalogs together and try on dresses. Yes, you may have to cart around some inventory but imagine how many dresses you could fit on racks in a basic white utility van. You leave the inventory in the van in a garage if possible, so you won't need to take it in and out and it's always "ready to go".

The comfort of the bride being at home and the convenience factor is what will sell for you. Once you get a few customers raving about your service you'll be off and running! Also imagine the convenience of the alterations (if you plan on offering that). Here's what I see. I round white portable box type platform and some folding mirrors. Turn her home into an instant salon. You could even buy some light stands and create a fashion show type atmosphere. Oh this is sounding more exciting by the minute!

As far as logistics are concerned, study how fashion designers bring their outfits to runway shows.

So here's my disclaimer, now keep in mind, I'm brainstorming here and haven't thought out all of the details, this is outside of the box thinking so you'll want to dig into this further I'm sure but what an exciting concept!!

I wish you all the best!!

Kimberly Deprey