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Topic subjectHelp, I need vendors or wholesalers please!
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159, Help, I need vendors or wholesalers please!
Posted by SL2819, Mon Nov-01-10 10:56 PM
Hi everyone!

I hope some of you can help me. I want to start an online store offering juniors clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes, lingerie, and jewelry. I just don't know where to begin!

I'm looking for vendors or wholesalers that have these items that would be willing to work with me. If you could send me more information and websites, I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm also looking for catalogs and merchandise samples to help me make my decisions on who to put in my store. If you need a mailing address to send these things, please e-mail me and I'll give it to you. Just write something like "Store vendor" in the subject line. I get a lot of junk e-mail and don't want to accidently erase yours! :-)

Also, I would be interested in dropshippers as well. So if you have any information that could help, please send it my way!

Thank you!

Sharon Luttrell
Sharon's Sexy Treasures