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Topic subjectWhich accounting system is better?
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136, Which accounting system is better?
Posted by joseph_675, Tue May-01-07 12:48 AM

I am working as an IT manager at a small manufacturing business right now. They are currently using an archaic dos based accounting system. They have been using the same system for over 10 years, and they get by with it but they see it's time to update.

They are also using a very outdated inventory management system. I have proposed bringing in a complete ERP solution for them, and they are very into it. The only problem we're having now is deciding which accounting system to go with.

There's Accpac, but we don't really know very much about them, asides from the fact that it can go from moderately priced to very expensive in very little time.

Another option is Quickbooks, which seems much nicer priced for our business.

My question is what's so special about accpac? Where would I be losing out if I used Quickbooks along with a ERP software?

I'm very confused with this, and I hope someone will be able to help me out, or at least point me in the right direction.
137, RE: Which accounting system is better?
Posted by ethan3546, Tue May-01-07 06:50 PM
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145, RE: Which accounting system is better?
Posted by jenettd1, Sat May-19-07 02:09 PM

Which QuickBooks version are you considering? QuickBooks Enterprise is comparable to ERP software, so you may not have to buy separate ERP software to interface with it.
I don't know much about SAGE; however, I do know of other companies who use it and they are satisfied with it. I think it's scalable, where you buy the modules that you need now and are able to add more later; whereas Quickbooks isn't, you buy everything upfront even if you don't need it. It may still be cheaper in the long run to get Quickbooks.
Hope this helps.
154, RE: Which accounting system is better?
Posted by advancedstudio, Fri Jun-01-07 10:17 AM
contact they have some pretty good programs that should suit your needs.
162, RE: Which accounting system is better?
Posted by equiprep, Wed Jun-13-07 02:13 PM
I have spent the last 13 years in manufacturing in various capacities from IT to sales for billion dollar companies to million dollar companies. The first question I have would be how much is the company expecting to spend on software and what is the estimated sales volume annually? I have reviewed many packages but if you can not come to an agreement on a budget for software you can't begin to start narrowing down accounting packages. In many instances software is modular today and fully integrated and you often do not have multiple software packages. Companies that have multiple software packages of various brand are usually very old companies with out dated systems taking band aid approaches to the problem. If you want some help reply back. I have done this before.