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129, Outsourcing biz ingredients needed!!!
Posted by brianm, Thu Apr-26-07 05:48 AM
Hi! Recently, I left one of the largest HR/Personnel staffing firms in the US. Through the experience I gained as a HR Staffing Consultant, I've decided that I would like to start my own home-based strategic outsourcing business, servicing small-med sized companies in the areas of: recruitment, pre-employment processing, referral program administration and entry-level job placement for job seekers. Since 1927 15,141 OU graduates have stayed in Oklahoma to find employment and since OU is located in the city I reside, I feel like my business can make a difference to emerging companies and entry-level job seekers. Other than getting starting on my business filings what ingredients would it take to get by home-based business off the ground. Also, I'm zoned to operate this type of business out of my home to start because I will not have clients coming to my home. Thanks!

Brian M. Martin