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312, RE: How much should I buy Wholesale Brand Name T-Shirts
Posted by The Goodie Bag, Thu Feb-12-09 06:06 PM
Hi there,

In response to your question about purchasing brand name t-shirts from wholesalers, I'm sorry to tell you but a lot of the droppershippers and wholesalers nowadays sell fake and replica products. Some are legitimate but as you said have a high minimum order. Also, just to inform you that high-end designers such as Gucci, Prada, Versace, etc. only sell their products through their directly-operated chain stores, their company websites, select department and duty-free stores. Most online retailers and storefronts that sell legitimate designer fashions don't have a wholesale account with the companies, but purchase the proudcts at liquidations and close-out sales. Your best bet is to go through the brand's distributor, that way it's guaranteed authentic and there won't be any problems along the way. $5.00 USD wholesale for a t-shirt is very cheap and will never occur with name brand products unless your purchasing a couple thousand pieces per style. Wholesale pricing for brand name t-shirts, depending on the brands popularity ranges from $12.00 - $60.00 mostly.

My company The Goodie Bag acts as a distributor and authorized dealer for a multitude of brands. We currently hold the Canadian distribution rights to 101 Apparel, Heist & Co., and Loud& Obnoxious. We hold the North American distribution rights to a brand from Singapore called FUP, which specializes in very limited-edition t-shirts with only 50 being produced in each style including the size run. We are an authorized dealer from Division E, Dom Rebel, Affliction, Xtreme Couture, IM King, Soul Freak Clubwear, Elvis Jesus & Co. Couture, Ringspun, Applied Theory, Apliiq, Something Sacred, Sanctify, Toxic Waste, Gold Coin, Dirty Jax, and many others.

If you are interested in any of the brands I've mentioned, or would like more information please contact me at the e-mail addresses and number listed below.

Peter Coultas | Owner | The Goodie Bag
10 Copperfield Drive. | Kingston | ON | K7M 1M4
T: (613)-542-0158 | F: (613)-542-0158 | M: (613)-583-4663 | |

If you'd like to communicate with me through MSN Messenger please contact me at as it's listed above. I can forward you line sheets and order forms through it. Also with your order I can send you promotional items from the brands. If you choose to call, it's best to contact me at the mobile number listed, (613)-583-4663, as I'm usually traveling going to tradeshows, meeting with brand reps and distributors, and having meetings with clients.

We are primarily an online retailer with our website launching in March, but we do have a showroom for local sales which is visited by appointment only. If you need any graphic design work, such as logo creation, print advertisement, etc. we can also quote you a price for that work as we have our own in-house graphic designer.