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933, Make money by selling... air?
Posted by Bmaster, Tue Mar-20-07 02:29 AM
n my life, I have founded and run 12 different companies. So I have some business experience... But every time, before I started new business, it was not to easy for me to make the right choice and to decide what business is better. Exactly this choice determined my future success or failure. Due to my own experience, I came to some conclusions, that help me to avoid empty actions and mistakes, wasting my time and losing money. Now, when choosing new business opportunity, I always take in count following positions:

1.Do people really need my product!? What the value of this product? Is this product able to help people to solve their actual problems they may have and how many people may need it?
2.Is that business old or new, what is the level of development of this business and how many competitors on the market? Have I potential opportunity to be #1 dealer at my region?
3. How many efforts and money do I need to invest to get started and how fast I will get returns?

My next analysis I did 10 months ago, when routine work of my Badge Master company was stabilized and I appointed the executive director and I got some spare time to look for new business opportunity. Here I want to share with you what I got in result of looking for źnew product╗.
So I started searching from the point #1of my analysis. Say, please, what people use most of all in their life? It?s simple, - air! To be more detailed, it is 45-55 lbs daily. I wish I sell air! Don't you? It would bring me an exploding line of clients, as all people do need air. But, sure, there is no air deficit on the market. At that point I decided to discard this idea and forget it. But ... Stop, people also consume water, and there are tones of water in the nature, but someone doing huge money selling water! So I had to look for opportunity. What I knew about air? I knew it is very polluted and of very bad quality at the most cities. And I knew that major long-livers live in a mountain areas and breeze fresh air. That's all. So I have searched for information on subject and what I found is what I could never suppose to be true:

- Air of modern indoors is 4-6 times more polluted and toxic than outdoor air!!!
- Different popular building and decorating materials, such as linoleum, wallpapers, plastic, carpeting, paints, other synthetic materials, and also chemical cleaners fill the indoor air with poisoned evaporations, and concentration of these poisons many times exceeds outdoor pollution.
- Every indoor is filled with dust which is proven source of infection, because germs use dust parts for moving and contacting. Indoor dust is #1 allergen.
- The average 1.500 sq. ft indoor area produces about 40 lbs of dust each year, where inhabit approximately 15 kinds of dust mites. Above 42.000 dust mites live in just 1 oz of dust!
90% of all infection and catarrhs diseases we get through the indoor air!
- Ionic balance of indoors is destroyed due to lots of electrical wires, that literally wind our homes and offices.
- Home dirt is not dead; it is very alive and constantly reproducing mould, fungi and germs. Why? Because the environment is very auspicious. Homes and offices are filled with sources of energy, warms, food and there is no fresh air circulation.

And more...

City inhabitants spend 90% of their time inside of homes and offices. So you can imagine how much energy lose our bodies to fight all this filth. Usual results are: allergy, drowse, headache, tiredness, irritabilities, eye irritation, regular colds and infection diseases, low energy and insomnia.

Well, I thought, if this problem is actual for all people, maybe it is worth to sell fresh air for indoors? Good idea! But how? What it could look like? I recalled, that in Tokyo they have street air machines, and for coin you can have some fresh air. But you can't put such appliance to your home. And it is stupid idea to sell air cylinders along with an oxygen mask ? sure, people will not understand and value this way. So I started market exploration. What we have there? In fact, nothing to consider. Lots of different filters and ionic cleaners. Although effect is too low, and they are not able to solve whole air problem, they are in demand! Well, let's look for appliance that actually able to solve all indoor air pollution problems, in effective way, with no debt. It could be proven success ? consumption is huge and market is near empty, competition is zero and you may achieve #1 position at any area. But where to find this wander-purifier and does it exists at all? Sure, exists! It is newest technology, and company spent 20 more years to make it perfect, but there are a few people who are familiar with this unique technology. Let's put aside long story how I found it, it is better to say about my experiments I did with, when got my first unit.

I set it home by the evening, turned on and played with it's remote control. All worked correctly. It was a winter, and it was very cold outside, so my windows where closed tightly and heater worked at all it's power. It was warm in my room, but air was too close. Well, very good conditions for experiment. Although I was not sure in good results, but... I was very excited about this experiment and put many efforts to fall asleep. I woke up and found that air was much fresher, and my head wasn't so heavy as usually. Ok, it is not a time to be too happy yet, so let's continue experiment. I put it to my bathroom. Have to say, I have a pet at my home ? young Stafford terrier, which can sometimes make a puddle in non-appropriate place. My son takes care of puppy, and he can leave wet dirty mob in the bathroom. So you can imagine this non-jasmine smell. So I put the unit there and left it in away mode (for fast air cleaning, when unit works on 120% of normal power). In 2 hours I did not believe to my nose ? smell disappeared! Later I got proven information from Kansas University, that unit kills 99% of all germs ant fungi in the air and even on all surfaces of inside areas .

Then it had got even better. I asked my friend to have some cigarettes in my office. He smoked and I was sitting in 4 ft from him and there where no smell, no smoke around me. Fantastic! So I let my emotions to flow. Then I put my son's shoes near unit, did clothe and linen cleaning, and even gave unit for tests to different laboratories and to my friends who had allergies, and to those who just finished room repair. Lots of tests. And I was very satisfied with results. Epidemiologists said they finally have actual air problem solution for people who ask them for help.

Nine months gone, and I'm seriously doing this business now. As I supposed, people like this product, and, in spite of the cost of units, they are in high demand. Well, this is a story of my idea to ?sell air? and I'm ready to share this idea with every person who are interested to sell air.

Have a nice day,