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955, decent idea and cheap to do
Posted by MarlinCreek, Thu Mar-22-07 09:06 PM
Websites are cheap and easy to setup, so it's almost worth just trying it out to see what happens.

Phase I
Setup a basic site that lists all of the places in your area... a map feature would be good.

Phase II
Go by the places and say "Hey, I've got this site that's listing the local places to eat. I'd like to include your take-out menu so that people can see what you have. It's free for now while I build the traffic so do you mind if I put your menu online?"

Phase III
Assuming traffic continues to come in you could start with some basic banner ads based upon food category. This is where you revisit the places and go "Hey, I get 1,000 local hits a week of people trying to find places to eat in this town. And for $xx I can put your name at the top of the Italian Food category so that people see you first."

Phase IV
Now you can start going back to the places and saying "Hey you again, I know get 2,000 visitors a week to the site... which is great, but I've got to quit my day job so that I can keep everything up to date... so, how'd you like to give me $50 bucks for a permanent listing and another $50 and I'll put your menu and take out number"

Feel free to change up the phases as needed, but that should give you something to think about.


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