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803, How to get more customers/interest
Posted by Craig, Fri Feb-23-07 06:45 AM
Me, along with 2 friends have started our own company selling vinyl records. We have been selling the records for a while on the discogs site and were doing well enough financially to set up our own site. This has been running for around 6 months now but we don't seem to be getting as many visitors to the site as we would like.

I know this is a specialist site and you won't just stumble along it unless you are looking for vinyl records but what could we do to improve our popularity?

Some of the things we have done so far;

Continued selling on the dicogs and ebay sites (giving details of our site when sending the sold records to customers)
We are looking into doing a sponsored link on google for a period to see if there is any value in that.
Looked on the internet for relevant sites that we can post on to let people know we are out there but we seem to keep coming across wedding dj's (which isn't our criteria) or dj sites disguised as porn sites! Does anyone know of any real dj sites?

Our web address is and any advice that you can give us that would propel us to the riches that we all crave would be greatly appreciated.