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Topic subjectwe have been doing a lot of research
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7418, we have been doing a lot of research
Posted by yanzhongr5, Thu Sep-21-17 07:59 PM
You see, lately, we have been doing a lot of research on this type of and thought that we could share some of that knowledge with you. First of all, do you know where the term chronograph comes from? It comes from two Greex expressions. You have the two words and "graphos." In Greek, the word chromos means an interval of time and the word graphos means to Just by knowing those words, we are sure you know what a chronograph is. Either way you go, there is no denying that these small devices have become very popular in the world that we live in today. It is said that the was invented during the year 1821 by Russak, who was a French master. It may have display that is digital, analogue or both.