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Posted by jackky, Fri Sep-01-17 02:02 AM
Gary Bettman is, that should be polite, a tease.
He said Monday the league will gauge great and bad the Sin city market witha season-ticket drivefor a theoretical franchise, however the league isn't near expanding.On Tuesday, he employed verbal dexterity in makingdisclaimer 1A: Nofranchises are about to go to Vegas, or Seattle, or Quebec City, or . . .
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So exhale for the present time, Panthers and Coyotes fans. Whilst holding your breath, others.
"There's nothing imminent that's happening," Bettman said belonging to the Panthers onTuesday (per The A sociated Pre s) around the owners' meetings in Boca Raton, Fla., close to the Panthers' usually empty arena. "In fact on the contrary, (co-owner) Vinny Viola, both really should be his resources with his fantastic personal commitment, has consistently mentioned that he's committed to South Florida.
"Nobody should be emphasizing the Panthers as a relocation candidate, period. It's inconsistent with everything we expect it's inconsistent with everything else (team co-owner)Vinny Viola is actually saying and that he does not have goal of moving the club."
"Nothing imminent"; "no intention"; claims the master is all-in. Wiggle room established.
Florida has hadmajor attendance problems this seasonand Viola's ownershippartner, Doug Cifu,said in Augustthe franchise's current feature is "unsustainable." For this reason they have been asking Broward County for millions in cashand a more rewarding arena deal. Negotiations continue.
Arizona, meanwhile, may well be experiencing more financingdifficultieseven though the current party line is cheery.Deputy commi sioner Bill Daly, to his credit, was far moredirect because protected his bo s and shot down any Coyotes chatter.
"Arizona and Florida aren't moving," Daly said,per the AP."I'm unsure (a franchise) is unstable when you have local deep ownership and are also satisfied with their investment. Teams read through cycles. Teams browse through phases. It certainly is not some thing which we enjoy to see happen. It's not actually something that's just the tools for that team but we become through it this also team (Florida) will using a cycle."
Bettman has mostly been masterful at keepingfranchises around town (really wholeAtlanta deal),but eventually the total funds are going go out available as one or higher places plus the league would really need something. Besides Arizona and Florida,there alsoare delicate situations in Columbus and, po sibly, Carolina. The league'snewTV contractand po sibleexpansion fees (should the league, you know, expands)will only go up to date.