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6914, Private or public schools?
Posted by ThomasLandy, Mon Aug-21-17 09:49 PM
There are many different learning styles and to find one that fits only makes learning more fun. There are poorer areas in my city, if they had a voucher and could go to a school that better met their needs, the kids win. I see it as a way for kids that don't have the same opportunities as some of their fellow student to be on a more equal playing ground, because now money is no longer a barrier to entry. If a business is bad we let it fail. If a school can't meet the needs of the kids they teach, why can't we let it fail so that something better can come up in its place. I don't think that parents want to send there kids to a private school because it is private, they want to send them because they think it is a better fit. If schools have to compete everyone wins. - only best is here!