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654, idea for new moms business
Posted by carolc1130, Sat Jan-20-07 02:19 PM
HI, I have an idea for a business I would like to start, but I have some questions. First I'll tell you a bit about myself. I have a masters degree in educational psychology and have been a school psychologist for many years. My passions include babies, parent training, and anything involved in pregnancy/childbirth. I would love to be a childbirth educator or doula someday, but those positions require different education than I have. My business idea is to help pregnant women/new moms. The problem is I am not sure what services to provide. I don't really want to offer cooking/cleaning type services. What services do you think would be beneficial? I also wonder if I could hook up with doctors/community service providers to offer services thorugh them.
Thanks for any help,
657, selective targeting
Posted by MarlinCreek, Sat Jan-20-07 06:59 PM
Just a quick thought...

Consider catering to higher income first time mothers that will have the disposable income to pay for assistance in the following...

- baby proofing the house
- making homemade baby food (leverage the organic / natural / homemade side)
- How to schedule a day for stay at home mothers and choose age appropriate activities for the kids
- Help research / recommend day cares and mother day out programs

Look at it as a personal service to educate mothers on...
1. care for baby
2. care for themselves
3. care for marriage

My gut says there's some potential...

Good luck.

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665, RE: selective targeting
Posted by carolc1130, Sun Jan-21-07 04:53 AM
Thank you for responding. Those are great ideas, exactly what I was looking for. Now to put it into a plan...

666, RE: selective targeting
Posted by eridees, Sun Jan-21-07 12:35 PM
Also take a look at this website I think it is a neat concept and as far as I can tell no one in the U.S. is marketing their business this way. If you take this approach you have the potential to not only start a much needed business but gain a foot hole in an untapped niche market. Good luck!