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612, looking for direction
Posted by Willjr, Tue Jan-09-07 05:07 PM
I am trying to start a cleaning business focused on post construction houses, move in/move outs for real estate agents and apartment buildings. I am also interested in doing work for small businesses and stand alone small office buildings, (in terms of after hours cleaning when they close for the day.) I am in need of direction with who I should talk to, what type of marketing I can do with a $0 budget, and if anyone has had success in this arena. Any and all ideas or advice will be welcomed.

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Posted by bizdev, Thu Jan-11-07 04:33 AM
You can look here for all the answers:

It is a start up manual from for a commercial cleaning business.
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Posted by Nancy, Mon Jan-15-07 12:43 PM
Business cards are about as close to a zero marketing budget as you can get. In your business, in most for that matter, word-of-mouth marketing can be the best way to develop business. First, though, you have to get some customers who can then refer you to others.

The key is to talk up your business to everyone - people you talk to on the phone, run into at the supermarket, everywhere. Carry your business cards with you everywhere. You never know who might need your service, or know someone who does.

Bumper stickers, window decals, and imprinted pens with your business name, a description (that's essential if the business name isn't self-explanatory) and phone number are other very inexpensive marketing tools.

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Posted by MarlinCreek, Fri Jan-19-07 11:41 PM
The only $0 marketing is you... and Nancy is correct... talk it up to anyone you can.

Another suggestion... find a new community in your area... drive around it until you find the construction office (usually a trailer) and go inside and ask for a moment of their time to explain what you do (house prep) and why they should choose you (cost, service).

Just be aware that they typically already have access to some low cost labor that does an adequate job. So, you'll need to have a compelling reason to go with you.

I think the better option is to get to know some real estate agents and pitch your service to them as something they can offer to their clients.

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