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Posted by connie, Thu Jan-04-07 06:28 PM
Back in the mid '90's, our area was in a long depression. Then, riverboat gambling came into town. The first thing the tourism bureau did was promote all the big draws in town. What they didn't bother with was the smaller, local, mom&pop businesses that really needed the suppport.

I started a free guide to local points of shopping interest: the craft malls, the ceramic doll maker, the custom furniture shop, the collectible gift shop, etc. with a driving map in each issue showing where to find the advertisers. It was a great success and a real help to my clients. They loved it and so did the tourists that wanted something unique and not on the main tour route.

Later, I sold it and began doing all the backside support. I don't know if this is a possibility where you are, but a publication for the smaller out of the way places that only the locals know about might be an idea.