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573, Looking for Ideas for Tourism Businesses
Posted by Dm, Mon Jan-01-07 04:19 PM
I am looking to venture out this year into a new business. I have been in "retail" for the past 10 years selling everything from my own jewelry to perfume to t shirts. I have been mostly selling for the past 2 years on the internet, but am bored with the lack of people contact that I used to have when I sold directly to people at shows, booths, etc.

My recent vacations to Jamaica, New Orleans, New York, etc. have me itching to maybe start something in tourism. But I'm not sure what. Some of my most memorable moments from my trips were "tours" or special "activities" that I did in that particular city/locale. For example jet skiing in Jamaica($40 per person) Ghost tours in New Orleans ($35/person) or the double decker or walking tours in New York City ($45/person)

I want to maybe do something like that in my own hometown of Memphis, TN, but I have no idea what might interest someone that is not already available here. I don't really want to do anything related to Graceland (Elvis Presley), music or Southern History. Those are way over represented here. I want maybe something that may not necessarily even be related to the South or Memphis. Just something that someone may not do in their own hometown that now that they have time they get a chance to do.

I know some activities require a skill or knowledge. So I definitely don't want to get into helicoptor rides or teaching someone to bungee jump!! But I'm sure their are other ideas that simply require knowledge (THAT I can learn) I can learn just about anything if all it takes is remembering a few facts or allowing someone to immerse themselves in a certain type of experience that will be memorable.

My interests vary and I'm not sure if they would even have to relate to this new business. For example, I love perfume, aromatherapy, yoga, outdoor activities, herbs, etc. But the tourism business doesn't necessarily have to do with any of those.

It doesn't even really have to be "tour" related. But something that would be interesting for someone to do or learn to do while on vacation.

I would love to hear ideas of what some of you have done on vacation that was memorable for you that you didn't mind paying the price for. Anything to help me get my brain to spinning on something.

Please help!! I really want to get this year started right. Tourism season will be here before I know it and I really want to start researching and planning.

Thank you for any and all ideas or suggestions.