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Topic subjectnew, fun way of selling products to couples
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5519, new, fun way of selling products to couples
Posted by tomus, Sun Aug-07-16 12:01 PM

I would like to ask you about my new, re-modeled idea for business. I remember, that I wanted to get into hosiery business before, but after getting some experience I think that lingerie would be much easier and better business to do as I think that I've found better way to approach to potential client. I would like to focus on selling my products to couples rather than single male/female persons - why couples buys shoes together but never lingerie? I'd like to do something like here: - it's not elegant white&black page, but more colorful and more user-friendly approach to webdesign. Same with the customer service - let's have fun while selling the product to the "client" who should be treated as a half-customer half-friend.

it is an idea, where it will be difficult to start, but after that it should be easy to handle, isn't it? My idea is to start only with website and if it works start selling products in my own points in the malls.

what do you think? is is a good type of product and a way of selling it, or I should check something other?