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549, assisting returns/refunds/complaints, etc
Posted by mwilson9, Thu Dec-28-06 04:13 AM
I've always been successful in achieving satisfaction in dealing with companies for returns, refunds and getting back what I deemed was fair when a product failed or did not meet my expectations. Using the DOL, the state's attorney general (consumer complaint division) and the individual state insurance commissioner when dealing with health/life insurance. As you may know, this is time consuming and most people simply give up after one or two attempts, be it co-pays, deductibles, etc. I actually enjoy this tedious form of whining for profit. Any ideas of how I turn it into a business?
550, RE: assisting returns/refunds/complaints, etc
Posted by Nancy, Thu Dec-28-06 11:08 AM
"Whining for profit." I think you've just created a new niche market!

Maybe you could charge a percentage of the money that you, essentially, will be making/saving for the individual. Making it a performance-based fee would also be a guarantee of results.

You could market your service using specific examples of the successes you mentioned having in this area.

You're saving people time and headaches. Even for people who don't have more money than time, it might be worth it in some cases.

One possible glitch is that, in some cases, you might need sensitive personal info such as social security number. So, establishing trust would be an issue.

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